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We offer a wide range of bottles and jars made of glass or plastic, petpackers and vials, which are suitable for pharmaceutical and OTC products. The packaging products include closures, caps and lids for all kinds of applications, tamper-evident or childproof, if required. Ursan Verpakkingen also offers a large selection of measuring cups, dosing spoons, nasal and throat spray nozzles, applicators, injectors and pipettes.

All packaging can be supplied from a cleanroom production, including sterilisation, if required.


Ursan Verpakkingen specialises in primary packaging for cosmetic and care products. Discover our bottles, high-end jars and other packaging solutions, tastefully decorated. From plastic dispensers to lotion pumps and with an extensive range of closures and caps in many sizes and colours.

Our packaging is available in a range of materials including PE, PP, PET, SAN and aluminium. We are more than happy to advise you on sustainable packaging such as PCR, PIR and recycled material.

Thanks to our suppliers, we have all kinds of decoration techniques available. For example, offset, pad and silkscreen printing, metallisation, spraying, hot foil etc.

In addition, Ursan Verpakkingen is your ideal partner when it comes to designing new packaging. We advise you on which options there are to meet your specific packaging demands.

Our bottles and jars not only protect your cosmetic and care products, they also give them the appearance you want them to have.

Are you looking for a creative concept? We are happy to help.


Packaging for the chemical industry must meet the highest demands, especially in the case of hazardous substances. You need a solid approach to the packaging of such substances.

At Ursan Verpakkingen, we understand the risks involved in these applications. For example, it is very important to avoid diffusion of the packaging. And you do not want the packaging being damaged by the contents or vice versa. The Ursan Verpakkingen product range contains all kinds of packaging, which can be especially designed for chemical applications, including COEX bottles and COEX jars.

Bottles, jars, cans, tubes and caps, tamper-evident or childproof, and pumps and trigger sprayers. All our packaging for chemical products meets the high demands of the chemicals sector. The packaging of Ursan Verpakkingen ensures that your special chemical products are safely packed.

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At Ursan Verpakkingen, we also specialise in packaging for food and beverages, such as sauces. Packaging for the food sector is available in different types and sizes. We can provide you with a wide selection of plastic and glass packaging solutions including matching caps and closures.

We arrange that the packaging of your foodstuff perfectly fits your product. To make sure your products get noticed among all the other food packaging, we gladly help you come up with a creative customised concept. A concept that will seduce your customer!

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